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Be gentle, this is my first time-

2010-02-15 23:50:15 by Evil-eS

-using newgrounds.
^-^ well I've finally got a flash program CS4 and I have no idea on how to use it X3.
I just started animation so I'm mostly going to be posting animation exercises rather than actual stories for a bit :/
I really want to do music parody's but people been telling me CS4 is bad for flash D8>
oh well, no reason to panic there's a way around it I'm sure.

- Evil-eS

Be gentle, this is my first time-


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2010-02-15 23:51:45

Awesome art and animation.
Bookmark that link.

Evil-eS responds:

heh i use my deviantart for art posting ;)
and newgrounds art submission confuses me :/


2010-04-18 17:41:48

Aw, don't worry. As long as you take things slow you'll do ok. I always give helpful and constructive comments on both flash and art. I'll be glad to look at some more of your work.
You can add me here if you like.